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Welcome to Lotus and Luna Wellness! Our mission is to promote balance in the body through healing. If you’d like to book a Reiki session or sign up for a healing circle, click the book now button! 

My Services


Reiki is an alternative healing therapy that promotes balance therefore induces healing in the body.

Reiki Classes...

Here at Lotus and Luna Wellness we offer a variety of Reiki attunement classes so you are able to give Reiki to yourself and others!

Bereavement Support...

If you or someone you know needs perinatal bereavement support, please contact me at 218.940.2148. 

Women's Healing Circle

Womens’ healing circle is a safe gathering of women who support each other while healing happens within.

About me

My name is Rhonda, and welcome to my health and wellness website!

First for the fun stuff! I am a mom of 4 girls! YES, ALL GIRLS! They are all amazing and wonderful and only SOMETIMES give me a bad time.

I love White Chocolate Mocha from any coffee house unless it’s from my hometown fave, Caribou, then it’s a Mint Condition. YUM!

In true Sagittarius fashion, I am one that loves to move move move! I was born and raised in Minnesota, but have lived in Colorado and California over the past 20 years. I love exposure to different cultures and people. I believe this gives me an opportunity to grow and learn from those around me.

I love love love the beach. The beach is my zen place. It’s where I connect to the universe and its most amazing energy. I could spend all day listening to the waves crash on the shore, feel the sun beating down on my face, and smelling the saltwater!

I am a caring, empathic, healer who is learning to become more assertive.

I love holistic living. I have completely changed our lifestyle from eating a fast food conventional diet and using conventional products, to eating a whole food diet and only using natural products in our home. This has taken me a few years to transition and its always a work in progress considering there are five of us, but I can SEE and FEEL the benefits of our new lifestyle! If you have any questions on how to get started, feel free to contact me!

Angel’s Story

October 28, 2004 I gave birth to a tiny baby we called Angel. Her birth set the path for anger, desperation, and ultimately healing and growth. Here is our story. 

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